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Perfect Color Matching with New Bonding Composite

Perfectly Matched Shade & Color with Omnichroma At ClevelandSmiles, our patients benefit from our use of the latest technologies, which improve accuracy, speed and outcome. The latest addition to our office is Omnichroma, a fantastic new bonding composite that uses one shade to match all teeth and all patients. Source Oral Health Group In addition to [...]

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New Intraoral Cameras & How They Help

Latest Technology at Cleveland Smiles Our hygienists, Amy and Debbie, are both using the newest intraoral cameras from Dexis. They can identify problem areas in teeth, fillings, and tissue; additionally, they can also see areas of improvement - with the ability to save their close-up photos in our patient "files" so that conditions can be [...]

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Our Dental Technology Improves Comfort & Results

Dental Technology Improves Comfort & Results Our patients are enjoying the digital "upgrades" in our office, especially the "no-goop" impressions. While we've had both the Itero and Trios intraoral scanners for years, the 3D printed dental models are improving both  the fabrication and accuracy of our veneers, crowns, and bridges; we're even using the models [...]

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The Benefits of Digital Mouth Scanners

Why Our Dental Practice Prefers Digital The other day a patient of long-standing remarked that we seem to have all the latest "gadgets" in dentistry, like Trios and Itero digital imaging (for impressions without "goop") and Dexis digital x-rays and even 3-D printing for laboratory models.  One of my team members, hearing the discussion, noted [...]

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Easy Dental Impressions with Our New Trios 3D Imager

We've got the new Trios 3D imager for taking impressions, in addition to the Itero imaging system we got seven years ago. They're both unbelievably accurate and patient-friendly. These digital systems are also environmentally friendly, as they don't involve impression material, plastic trays, or metal dies, all which get thrown away after their use. These [...]

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We’re an amalgam-free office

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal on amalgam/silver fillings received national attention. Here at Clevleand Smiles, we're in our seventeenth year of being an amalgam-free office. When doing restorative work, we use both composites and porcelain, which are also natural looking and more conservative than silver fillings. Importantly, they are also much kinder [...]

Football Season = Time for Mouth Guards!

If you've been watching any Cleveland Browns games, other NFL or NCAA college football games, you'll notice that the players, including the quarterbacks, all have one thing in common: they are all wearing mouth guards! Mouth guards not only help to prevent injury to the teeth and help with head stabilization, but also help athletes perform better. This [...]

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