Novocain Numbness Reversal With OraVerse

This past week we were taking care of a young physician in our practice, who was anxious to improve her smile. After doing some laser gum-contouring and bonding, as well as a couple of fillings for which she required numbing, I asked her if she’d like some Oraverse to reverse the anesthetic.  Though she practices as a dermatologist, she had never heard of Oraverse.

I explained that we had been using it in our office for the past ten years. Oraverse, given via a painless injection, speeds up the “reversal” of Novaciane, so that instead of being numb for two to three hours, or sometimes longer, the patient is back to normal in thirty to forty-five minutes.  For a physician like her, or anyone who’d like to get back to work sooner – or get something to eat – Oraverse will do the trick!

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