Dental Technology Improves Comfort & Results

Our patients are enjoying the digital “upgrades” in our office, especially the “no-goop” impressions. While we’ve had both the Itero and Trios intraoral scanners for years, the 3D printed dental models are improving both  the fabrication and accuracy of our veneers, crowns, and bridges; we’re even using the models for the occasional “Flexile-Type” partials for multiple missing teeth. And when used in conjunction with implants, the results are even more predictable.

Importantly, due to the improved accuracy, with less steps needed for processing, the insertion appointment – where the veneers and crowns are placed – takes a lot less time and are easier on the patients. With our team of EFDAs and assistants constantly learning about the systems’ improvements, we’re staying on the leading edge of this dental technology!

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