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Cleveland Smiles Dentistry In everyday conversations and encounters, some people never feel comfortable smiling. Likewise, when the cameras are readied, and the photographers say, “cheese!” the most they can offer is a timid half-grin, curtained by pursed lips. Embarrassed by their teeth, the twinkle in their eyes becomes squelched by their strained smile. These are some of the patients Dr. Steven Marsh eagerly welcomes to his dental practice, giving them a beaming smile that they never before dreamed possible.

Josie Kersey, an executive with a national company in the fashion industry, is one such patient of Dr. Marsh’s, one who “never smiled.” “My teeth were crowded, pointed, stained, and uneven, and I was extremely self-conscious of them my whole life,” Josie explains. “Dr. Marsh asked me for a photo so we could later compare a before-and-after, but I didn’t have a good one because I rarely smiled for a camera.”

Dr. Marsh explained to Josie the variety of advanced cosmetic techniques that he could use to improve her smile, and together they developed a plan to complete her dental needs. “The smile Dr. Marsh gave me is beautiful,” Josie says. “In my industry, having a ‘together’ look is very important. If anyone has a problem, they really should meet with Dr. Marsh for a consultation. I know I’m thrilled, and now I’m always smiling.”

For patients like Josie who yearn to imagine the possibilities, Dr. Marsh uses a highly specialized and unique computer called an Imager. This leading technology allows him to show a patient his or her current smile enlarged on the computer screen, next to a projected image of what his or her smile could become. The computer even prints out a photo of the “before and after” images for the patient to keep and perhaps share with family members and friends.

“The Imager is a great way to educate and communicate with patients,” explains Dr. Marsh. “Whether I’m discussing veneers, whiteningbondingceramic inlays, or tooth-colored composites or fillings, the computer can show the patient how I can reshape his or her smile and restore their teeth. Most patients are unaware of what can be done in only a few appointments: crooked, overlapped or spaced teeth can be made uniform, so that all the teeth blend. It’s exciting to show them what can be achieved; of course, it’s even more rewarding to actually help give them the smile they’ve always wanted and hear them say, ‘This is better than I ever imagined possible!’ I find it especially gratifying that an equal number of men and women are seeking this kind of care and are excited about their results.”

This personalized style of communication and treatment lends itself to all facets of Dr. Marsh’s patient care, from the small nuances, such as fresh flowers throughout the office, to early (7 a.m.) and lunchtime appointments to accommodate patients’ work schedules. Dr. Marsh points out that, most important, this philosophy of positive patient relationships helps patients feel comfortable making decisions about what’s best for the future of their dental health.
Ginger Azzolina, a vice-president of a manufacturing company, notes that she was concerned with the long-term health of her mouth. “Dr. Marsh replaced my 20-year-old crowns so I feel I’ve ensured a future of less trouble,” says Ginger. She also opted to have veneers placed on her top teeth but wanted this to be a subtle, natural change. “I’ve always had a good smile, but whitening and veneers made my teeth look 100% better. I think Dr. Marsh is an artist,” Ginger enthuses. “Not only was my dental work a preventative measure in helping my teeth age well, but now I have the kind of teeth that I wish I was born with!”

Focusing on preserving long-term dental health is critical to Dr. Marsh and his staff’s philosophy. “Whether my patient is a sales executive, television personality, hair stylist, or someone who just wants to improve their smile, it is very rewarding to see their delight when their cosmetic dental care is complete,” says Dr. Marsh. “The maintenance and improvement in the quality of their overall dental health is also of great significance.”

This tandem approach – advanced cosmetic techniques and excellent dental care for one’s lifetime – is apparent from the moment one enters Dr. Marsh’s reception area. One wall presents a group of photos of smiling children, patients who are learning the ABCs of a lifetime of high-quality dental care, while the other wall displays before-and-after photos reflecting Dr. Marsh’s cosmetic artistry.

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