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Golden Opportunities

golden opportunitiesDr. Steven Marsh appears on Golden Opportunities once a month to discuss dental issues important to those approaching their senior years. See the full episode of Dr. Marsh’s latest appearance on Golden Opportunities here where he talks about creating grade A smiles.

You can see all of our dental segments on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

Recent Topics:

Dr. Marsh introduces us to dental bonding and explains how it can improve your smile:

Meet a woman who discovered a new self-worth when she approved her smile:


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Tour Our Office:


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A beautiful smile is within your reach!


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Are you ready for spring cleaning? Take this the season to tidy up your teeth, too:


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About Golden Opportunities

appearances-goldenopportunityOur kitchen tables; it seems that’s where our most important family conversations take place. When we’re young, perhaps we’ll discuss childcare. As we age, maybe it’s how to stay healthy, or perhaps you’re worrying about outliving your income, or the cost of long term care. Who hasn’t wondered about how to reduce those income and estate taxes? How about choosing the right kind of care and housing options for yourself—or for your parents—as each of you ages?

Wouldn’t you like some friendly advice to guide you? Then welcome to Golden Opportunities. Join us at our kitchen table every week in Cleveland, Ohio. Our talk show is designed to provide workable solutions to the most important concerns facing older Americans and their families.

Golden Opportunities, which airs Sundays at 11:30am on WKYC Channel 3 Cleveland (right after Meet the Press), is hosted by noted attorney, author and seniors advocate Laurie Steiner. Golden Opportunities is the longest running locally produced television show in the Greater Cleveland area.

Weekly episodes showcase experts who offer the financial, legal, medical and lifestyle information you need to know as you age.