Why Our Dental Practice Prefers Digital

The other day a patient of long-standing remarked that we seem to have all the latest “gadgets” in dentistry, like Trios and Itero digital imaging (for impressions without “goop”) and Dexis digital x-rays and even 3-D printing for laboratory models.  One of my team members, hearing the discussion, noted that we have those “gadgets”  because it makes things easier for the patient by increasing the accuracy of our diagnosis and treatment.  I went on to explain that the digital scanners are quicker and generally more accurate, meaning less chair time for the patient and better fitting restorations – with the help of the aforementioned printer.  The digital X-rays mean much less radiographic exposure for the patients, as well as better ability to diagnose problems, catching them sooner than with conventional films.  With these explanations, the patient said that she appreciated our concern and abilities and thanked us for keeping “up-to-date.”

Watch a demonstration video of the Trios 3D imager below.

It occurred to me that in the future, we should explain these items and their value to the patient when we’re using them!

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