Professionally Whiten Stained Teeth

There are a lot of ways that teeth can become discolored. Staining from antibiotics. Excess fluoride. Injury to the teeth. Pulp (nerve) damage. Illness. Aging. Hypo-calcification. And of course smoking and drinking coffee, tea and colas. Whatever the reason one’s teeth have become discolored, there are effective new methods of bleaching the stains out and returning teeth to the bright white they can be, such as home teeth whitening treatments. Learn about 1 hour Zoom Whitening.

Teeth Whitening examples

  • Before-Whitening

Home teeth whitening treatment

The latest development in bleaching lets patients administer their own teeth whitening treatment at home. You start at your dentist’s office where an impression of your teeth is made. This impression is used by a dental lab to make a bleaching “tray”, a soft rubber device like a mouth guard. Once your bleaching tray is ready, the dentist gives it to you along with a bleaching agent and instructions on how to use it.

Sleep your stains away

Usually, bleaching trays are worn at night while you sleep. Before putting it in your mouth, you distribute bleaching gel in the tray, pop the tray into your mouth (over your teeth) and make sure the gel is distributed to cover all the visible surfaces that you want to brighten. You can retire for the night as the bleach works its magic, brightening your teeth. Then you just have to remember to take the tray out in the morning and brush the gel away.

Quick results

Usually, patients start to see results with these home teeth whitening treatments within one or two applications. Not bad considering what a difference it can make, and how easy it is to do.


A new beautiful smile with a little whitening and reshaping.


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