Dental Impressions

Dental prevention is key to long-term oral health and well-being. Taking proactive measures such as regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings can help you avoid costly treatments later by preventing decay or other issues from forming in the first place. However, one crucial dental preventive measure that many people are unaware of is making use [...]

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What is Gum Contouring?

We've had a number of inquiries about the gum contouring procedures we do frequently in our office. Often, there are questions about the situations that require gum contouring, as well as the use of anesthetics and techniques. Often, following the removal of conventional braces, there is an overgrowth of tissue, covering much of the teeth. [...]

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Restore Your Teeth, Your Smile, Your Life

The Emotional & Physical Benefits of Dental Restorations When  I heard that Boomer’s theme this issue was “restore,”  it touched me in many ways — both personally and professionally. Having reached my mid-60s, I understand how important it is to review your life priorities and consider how to maximize every day, both spiritually and [...]

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The Root Canal Procedure

Getting to the Root of the Problem Often, when family members are discussing a problem in their life, they use a saying like, "It could be worse; at least it's not a root canal." But the analogy to root canal treatment is not an accurate one. Having a root canal is the way a dentist [...]

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What is Tooth Reshaping?

Tooth Reshaping & Contouring One of the more conservative and worthwhile treatments we do in our office is the reshaping of teeth. Whether a tooth does not have the correct shape from development or fracturing, a little contouring with sanding discs can make all the difference in a smile. Without any Novocaine or [...]

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Learn About Our New Portable X-Ray Machine

New Portable X-Ray Machine Increases Patient Comfort Our office at ClevelandSmiles just "installed" a brand-new portable x-ray machine called the "Nomad 2." This hand-held unit allows our team to take radiographs in any room, at any angle. And because it is so efficient, the team member taking the x-ray can stay in the room with [...]

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Dental Bridges, Crowns & Veneers 

Highest Quality Dental Bridges, Crowns & Veneers The quality of porcelains in dental bridges, crowns, and veneers continues to improve. Whether it is used to close an open space, splint teeth together, or to reshape or color an existing tooth, the properties of today's porcelain makes it an ideal material. When there's a missing tooth [...]

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Teeth Whitening Holiday Special: Save $100

Celebrate the Holidays With Whiter Teeth! With the holidays nearly upon us, we thought we'd help our patients and their families and friends by offering a $100 courtesy on Zoom whitening, the in-office teeth whitening system (until the end of the year, the cost is $485, rather than the customary $585). With this whitening technique, [...]

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