Perfectly Matched Shade & Color with Omnichroma

At ClevelandSmiles, our patients benefit from our use of the latest technologies, which improve accuracy, speed and outcome.

The latest addition to our office is Omnichroma, a fantastic new bonding composite that uses one shade to match all teeth and all patients.

Omnichroma bonding material

Source Oral Health Group

In addition to its shade and color matching properties, Omnichroma has excellent physical-mechanical properties, allowing the bonding material to maintain its integrity over time.

In cosmetic dentistry, it truly is a “gamechanger.” Whether a tooth is discolored or chipped, this material can be used to match the original color and shape of the tooth/teeth.

Though we’ve always done a great job at ClevelandSmiles in restoring teeth, with shades from A1 to D4,  Omnichroma can help us further improve matching and take care of our patients in less time.

Below is a explanation of how Omnichroma works:


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