Innovations in Patient Service: iPads, Coffee & Snacks!

We always try to be one of the most innovative dentist in Cleveland, and to that end we are hoping to integrate the Apple iPad to make it easier for our patients to update their medical conditions when entering our office. We will have it available in our reception room to fill out patient registration forms and [...]

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We’re Proud of Our Patients!

Our patient and friend Ursuline College Fashion, Design, and Merchandising Chair Connie Korosec is featured in this  month's "Cleveland Business Connects" magazine's 50th issue.  She brought a number of Ursuline students with her when she visited the Republic of Malawi in southeast Africa to help teach students in an 800 pupil school how to sew.  [...]

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Receive Wonderful Care From Our Dental Hygienists

In order to accommodate all of our patients, family, and friends, your office here at ClevelandSmiles is fortunate to have a number of very capable and enthusiastic dental hygienists.   They include Amy B., who has been with us on a full-time basis for seven years, and Barbara G., and Jill O., who work with us  a [...]

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New Flatscreen TVs in the Treatment & Reception Rooms

We've received some nice feedback on our newsletter (where we highlighted our blogs). We would welcome any thoughts on topics we might cover here or in future newsletters on our office and your Cleveland dental care. An item we mentioned in "Smile Update" was our new flatscreen monitors in the treatment and reception rooms. They [...]

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Oral Cancer Exam A Regular Part of Our Check-Ups

We like to get hugs, and recently we got a hug from a husband and wife, when we detected a tumor on the woman's tongue  that she had not known about.   She was a new patient of ClevelandSmiles, and had seen a number of physicians and dentists who were unable to diagnose her problem, [...]

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Give Your Teeth a Spring Cleaning

With Springtime in the air, and the Cleveland Indians back on track, we hope you will consider visiting Amy and Barbara, our hygienists, to give your teeth a "Spring cleaning,"   It's always important to keep your regular appointments with them, as they not only give your teeth a sparkling look but also do an oral [...]

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Happy Birthday Fred Griffith

Cleveland icon (and patient) Fred Griffith, who has been on both WEWS ABC/channel 5 ("The Morning Exchange") and WKYC NBC/channel 3 for more that 50 years, just celebrated his 82nd birthday! He was feted on "Good Company" last month with an extra-large cake.  Congratulations Fred!!!

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Join Our Wall of Fame

We've recently had a number of patients featured in both articles and photos in "The Cleveland Plain Dealer," "Cleveland Magazine," and the "Currents" edition of "The Sun Press,"  "The Sun Messenger," and the internet.  When we see them, we try and print/cut them out and put them on our bulletin board.  If you or your [...]

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Get your routine dental checkup before they go back to school

As we begin August, it's always a good reminder to have your children or grandchildren visit our Cleveland dental office for their routine dental check up while they still have some free time before cheerleading, football and other activities begin. Routine dental check ups are not only more convenient for your schedule during the summer, [...]

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