We always try to be one of the most innovative dentist in Cleveland, and to that end we are hoping to integrate the Apple iPad to make it easier for our patients to update their medical conditions when entering our office. We will have it available in our reception room to fill out patient registration forms and dental/medical forms.  It will also be available to use to connect to the internet to check your e-mails and browse the Internet.  It can also be used to send in post-treatment evaluations for Angie’s List and other web-based review sites.   If you would like to use it, just ask Karin, and they will be glad to assist you!

As long as I am speaking about our reception area, we have been getting a number of favorable comments about our choice of magazines and our “food area,” which includes Kashi bars and Snyders pretzels, as well as a selection of  coffees, including Green Mountain and Starbucks.  If there is any other brand you’d like to see, please tell us.  The same thing applies to our magazine selections, which include “The New Yorker,” “Vanity Fair,” “Town and Country,” and the ubiquitous “People Magazine!”