In order to accommodate all of our patients, family, and friends, your office here at ClevelandSmiles is fortunate to have a number of very capable and enthusiastic dental hygienists.   They include Amy B., who has been with us on a full-time basis for seven years, and Barbara G., and Jill O., who work with us  a couple of days per week.  All three women have excellent skills, training and provide wonderful care.  If you would like to see one of them in particular, please let Afsaneh and Karin know so that we may fulfill your request.  Having such a wonderful staff is especially important during this time of year when students are home from school.

Speaking of school, and colleges in particular, we are proud of a number of high school seniors who have graduated and, in some cases, are moving on to college.  Miami University (my undergraduate alma mater) and The Ohio State University (where I attended dental school) are popular choices, though we also have patients who were accepted to schools including Princeton and Duke.  Our congratulations go out to all the graduates!