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ClevelandSmiles | Meet Our Team of Professionals

At ClevelandSmiles, we believe in offering our patients the best dental care by providing compassionate and competent professionals you can trust. We take pride in introducing you to our exceptional staff of skilled dentists, hygienists, and assistants who provide superior patient care as well as quality treatments. Our team is a fun-loving group with a [...]

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Dedicated to Patient Safety!

In October of 2019, your team at ClevelandSmiles took two different courses that were aimed at insuring the safety of our patients. These education sessions, taught by two experienced teachers, focused on CPR and OSHAS/HIPPA. Firefighter Pamela Paalman spent three hours with us, instructing us on the signs and symptoms of heart attacks and strokes. [...]

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CareCredit Patient Financing

CareCredit Financing More and more of our patients are using CareCredit to help finance their dental care. They offer a 12-month no-interest plan, as well as extended plans when needed. It can be applied for at home or with the help of Karin and Alysia, both of whom have certification to work with the company [...]

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Our 40th Anniversary In Marriage & Dentistry

Married & Practicing Dentistry for Forty Years Thanks to all of our patients and friends who have written to us on my two anniversaries, one personal and one professional. On a personal note, Wendy and I celebrated our 40th anniversary in July; we met at The Ohio State Dental School (She was studying dental hygiene [...]

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President: Dr. Steven Marsh DDS

Serving the Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity The Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity hosted its annual meeting in San Francisco this December. I have been fortunate enough to be asked to serve as President-Elect of this worldwide organization for the year 2017, followed by a term as International President during the 2018 year, starting with [...]

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Cleveland Smiles Is Here for You!

What a year it's been here in Cleveland.  The Cleveland Cavaliers are world champions, and the Cleveland Indians have been outstanding.  In both cases, it's all about a team approach. Here at ClevelandSmiles, our team is here for you.  We work hard every day to do our best for you, starting each day with a [...]

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A Winning Team Makes Everyone Smile

The baseball season has begun, and we're excited to be Cleveland Indians fans!  And while we're speaking of sports, we're "all-in" on the Cavs!  In both cases, it takes a well-coordinated and dedicated  team to win. Here at ClevelandSmiles, we have that team, and we spoke about it recently on "Golden Opportunities."  Each day we [...]

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We Became Grandparents for The Second Time!

My wife Wendy - our office insurance expert -and I had a pretty exciting and eventful Fall. We became grandparents for the second time; our daughter Stephanie and her husband Jeff gave Owen a brother, Aiden. They're doing well and soon will be brushing Aiden's baby teeth! Abby, our younger daughter, married Jake in Phoenix, [...]

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