With Springtime in the air, and the Cleveland Indians back on track, we hope you will consider visiting Amy and Barbara, our hygienists, to give your teeth a “Spring cleaning,”   It’s always important to keep your regular appointments with them, as they not only give your teeth a sparkling look but also do an oral cancer screening, as well as watching for gum and bone problems and decay.  With the help of digital radiography (i.e. digital x-rays), they can do a thorough evaluation.   Digital radiography uses 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays (it’s like being out in the sun for only two or three minutes).  Importantly, it allows us to be better diagnosticians and minimize your dental treatment.  Going back to the Tribe, it’s even better than a scouting report.

Don’t “wait till next year” (a favorite saying of Cleveland Indians fans) to see Amy and Barbara!!! Contact us to schedule an appointment.