As we begin August, it’s always a good reminder to have your children or grandchildren visit our Cleveland dental office for their routine dental check up while they still have some free time before cheerleading, football and other activities begin.

Routine dental check ups are not only more convenient for your schedule during the summer, but getting them sooner than later can help avoid pain and discomfort if cavities or other issues are found. Also, please let us know if you have any special needs or would like to schedule a cosmetic dental procedure or teeth whitening so that we can accommodate!

Speaking of sports, I should take a moment to remind you that we do make custom mouth guards to protect your child’s teeth while they’re on the field and in the gym. Our custom mouth guards can even be made in the colors of their respective schools and teams! (We made plenty of them over the years, including those made for Cleveland’s professional indoor soccer teams, The Cleveland Force and the Cleveland Crunch).

Click here to schedule your routine dental check up or for more info on cosmetic dental procedures and teeth whitening.