We’ve had a number of inquiries about the gum contouring procedures we do frequently in our office. Often, there are questions about the situations that require gum contouring, as well as the use of anesthetics and techniques.

gummy smile before and after

Often, following the removal of conventional braces, there is an overgrowth of tissue, covering much of the teeth. We use the analogy that it’s not unlike leaving a window shade pulled part way down over a window. But with a shade, you can raise it with a cord or a spring. With gum contouring, we use either a laser or a radiowave to remove the excess tissue to make the tooth a normal length, making the smile bigger and more attractive.

New Smile With Veneers & Gum Lifts


Other people have what is called a “gummy smile,” with a high lip line. Like the previous example, many times all that is needed is the removal of the tissue covering the teeth with the laser or radiowave. Suddenly, the smile looks much more natural, and the patient feels more confident.

In both cases, we are able to use a topical anesthetic (a gel placed on a cotton swab) to numb up the area, rather than with an injection. (In some instances, Novacaine may be used to supplement it). This makes the procedure quite easy for the patient and is rather quick to accomplish.

When doing cosmetic dentistry, the removal of tissue can also be used to give teeth a uniform look. Whether just reshaping teeth or placing veneers or crowns. gum contouring/gum removal can take a look “from good to great.”

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