Tooth Reshaping & Contouring

One of the more conservative and worthwhile treatments we do in our office is the reshaping of teeth.

  • Before-Tooth Reshaping
    After-Tooth Reshaping
    BeforeTooth ReshapingAfter
  • Before-Reshaping & Bonding
    After-Reshaping & Bonding
    BeforeReshaping & BondingAfter
  • Before-Teeth Reshaping - Bottom
    After-Teeth Reshaping - Bottom
    BeforeTeeth Reshaping - Bottom After
  • Before-Reshaping & Bonding
    After-Reshaping & Bonding
    BeforeReshaping & BondingAfter

Whether a tooth does not have the correct shape from development or fracturing, a little contouring with sanding discs can make all the difference in a smile. Without any Novocaine or anesthetic, a tooth can be reshaped in an esthetic manner; additionally, this reshaping can limit any further fracturing of the tooth.

Like a 2×4 piece of lumber that may have splinters at its end, often a tooth will chip and wear over time; smoothing down these edges makes a tooth less likely to continue to chip and can also give it a more pleasing appearance.

Watch how tooth reshaping helped one of our patients achieve a beautiful smile: 


Additionally, as we mature, our teeth often shift and move, even after orthodontic care. Rather than redo the orthodontics (often an 18-month commitment), here at ClevelandSmiles we can make the teeth look like they’ve never moved by reshaping the teeth. Composite materials and/or veneers can be used with the recontouring to finish the look. So in just one or two appointments, your smile can be perfect again – or perfect for the first time.

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