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Patient Jerry Sue Thornton Announces Retirement from Tri-C Presidency

Patient and good friend Jerry Sue Thornton has recently announced her upcoming retirement as the president of Tri-C (Cuyahoga Community College). As noted on the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ms. Thornton has done a marvelous job  in building the school's reputation and dramatically increasing  the number of students and faculty.  We know that [...]

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NBC Show “Parenthood” Features Patient Monica Potter

We were so pleased to see that the NBC Emmy-nominated show "Parenthood," featuring Clevelander and patient Monica Potter, has been so well-received; Ms. Potter has done an amazing job on the show this year! We wish her the very best - and hope the television series continues to get renewed!

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Keeping Your Dentist Updated on Your Medical History

A patient of our practice, who had a serious medical condition, recently had surgery to help correct her problem. We wished her a speedy recovery and had a tree planted in Israel to honor her and inspire her (this was accomplished through the efforts of the Jewish National Fund). She responded beautifully to the procedure [...]

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Receive Wonderful Care From Our Dental Hygienists

In order to accommodate all of our patients, family, and friends, your office here at ClevelandSmiles is fortunate to have a number of very capable and enthusiastic dental hygienists.   They include Amy B., who has been with us on a full-time basis for seven years, and Barbara G., and Jill O., who work with us  a [...]

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Oral Cancer Exam A Regular Part of Our Check-Ups

We like to get hugs, and recently we got a hug from a husband and wife, when we detected a tumor on the woman's tongue  that she had not known about.   She was a new patient of ClevelandSmiles, and had seen a number of physicians and dentists who were unable to diagnose her problem, [...]

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Happy Birthday Fred Griffith

Cleveland icon (and patient) Fred Griffith, who has been on both WEWS ABC/channel 5 ("The Morning Exchange") and WKYC NBC/channel 3 for more that 50 years, just celebrated his 82nd birthday! He was feted on "Good Company" last month with an extra-large cake.  Congratulations Fred!!!

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Join Our Wall of Fame

We've recently had a number of patients featured in both articles and photos in "The Cleveland Plain Dealer," "Cleveland Magazine," and the "Currents" edition of "The Sun Press,"  "The Sun Messenger," and the internet.  When we see them, we try and print/cut them out and put them on our bulletin board.  If you or your [...]

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Friend and Patient Nancy Curtiss Appears on WKYC’s Golden Opportunities

On Sunday, January 23rd, 2011, our patient Nancy Curtiss will appear with us on "Golden Opportunities" at 11:30 am (Now that the Cleveland Browns' season is mercifully over the show returns to its earlier time). Nancy, who has been a patient in our practice for nearly 30 years, talks with host Armond Budish about the [...]

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VIDEO: Office Featured in WKYC News Story on Silver Fillings

Did you catch us on TV last night? We made the 11 PM news. Last night WKYC Channel 3 reporter Monica Robbins visited the office, and interviewed us with patient Yvonne Kellogg for our views on concerns with amalgam/silver fillings (for the record, we stopped using silver fillings almost fifteen years ago). Although the American [...]

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