A patient of our practice, who had a serious medical condition, recently had surgery to help correct her problem. We wished her a speedy recovery and had a tree planted in Israel to honor her and inspire her (this was accomplished through the efforts of the Jewish National Fund). She responded beautifully to the procedure and is well on her way to good health, while thanking us for our good wishes. Having visited Israel a number of years ago, she said that it was especially meaningful to her and brought a smile to her face. It brought a smile to our faces as well!

Additionally, we then contacted her physician to inquire about her dental treatment and when we could proceed. We were told to wait 4-6 weeks before any care could be given due to the healing process. I mention this because it is a good reminder to always let us know about any changes in your medical history which may impact your dental care. It is our pleasure – as well as good dental/medical practice – to follow up on any changes in your health.

If you have any changes in your medical history, please let us know by calling us at 440-461-1003, or here on our website.