Wendy and I just returned from the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics (ACE) meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, looking at the latest trends, materials, and innovations in general and cosmetic dentistry.  In terms of materials, changes in porcelain  – both in color and hardness – have revolutionized veneers and crowns.  The leader is the E-max porcelain, fabricated by Ivoclar, which is three to four times stronger than the previous porcelains.

In fact, I visited the Ivoclar U.S. headquarters near Buffalo, New York, earlier this year to gain a greater understanding of the Empress, E.Max fabrication.  We have been using it for the past two years, and the color improvements have made it our go-to material for both veneers and crowns, both in the anterior and posterior areas of the mouth.

If  you’d like more information about it, or how we can use it in your mouth, please let us know!