Patient Safety is Our Top Concern

With so much discussion concerning sterilization techniques, it’s appropriate to note some of the things we do in our office – and have done for many years.  This would include office spaces and operatory areas.

In the reception room, we have Purell stations at the front desk as well as at the refreshment area. Furniture and door handles are cleaned daily with sanitizing wipes, as well as frequent dusting and polishing. Throughout the other common areas, we have antibacterial soaps and more Purell stations, that are remote-control activated.  In fact, our office was a Beta-test site for GoJo Industries, the maker of Purell, upon their foray into the dental industry.

Our dental treatment rooms, or operatories, are always sterilized between patient visits.  Everything that can be disposable is disposable, even including the patient bib holders; we even went from “alligator clips” to a disposable paper one.  The plastic chair covers and headrests are changed between patients, and the counter tops and surfaces are scrubbed with a sanitizer.  In fact, even our water supply is self-contained and is a sterile one!

Lastly, all of our instruments used in patient care are autoclaved, and our autoclave undergoes weekly testing by an outside facility.  Naturally, our team wears sterile gloves and masks, used only on a single patient.  Suction tips and the like are also disposed of between patients.

Most importantly, it should be noted – and appreciated – that our office here at ClevelandSmiles has always followed the most stringent rules on sterilization and will continue to monitor and upgrade our techniques when and if they are needed!

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