Additional Copies of Cleveland Smiles Magazine

We have had some very nice feedback on our latest newsletter and have had a number of requests for additional copies. If you would like a copy for family members and friends, please call Afsaneh or Karin.  Also, if you'd like to see us feature any procedure or technique, from laser gum contouring to porcelain [...]

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George Washington’s Teeth

While visiting my sister Joanne in Sarasota, Florida, recently, I came across a book her husband Marshall was reading entitled, "Washington - A Life," by Ron Chernow. Interestingly, a chapter was devoted to his struggle with his dentures and his relationship with his dentist, who played a major role in his life, as they became [...]

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Welcome Our Newest Staff Member

On Aprill 11th, we welcomed a new staff member, Ms. Suzanne Moss, who is an EFDA (i.e. Expanded Function Dental Auxillary).    She comes to us with a wealth of training and experience.  Like a Physician's Assistant in medicine, she will help Marilyn and me chairside. Suzanne will help us educate, place restorations/fillings, sealants, and assist.   Suzanne [...]

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Learn More About Our New Navigator Laser

We love our new Navigator laser.  Wendy and I just spent time at the Ivolclar company in Buffalo getting advanced training on it and are even more thrilled with the opportunities with it; from gum contouring to help with painless canker sore removal.  For more on how the Navigator laser, watch our appearance on WKYC's [...]

Salt Can Prevent Harmful Bacteria

At a conference we attended recently in San Diego, put on by the Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity, we attended a presentation/course focused on gum disease in the Middle East that has application here in the United States.  Due to poor home care, often because of  lack  of toothpaste and toothbrushes (from both financial and availability [...]

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Learn From Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s Dental Troubles

A number of people asked/commented on congressman Dennis Kucinich and his broken tooth (he apparently bit on an olive pit in a "wrap" and broke a tooth that was an "anchor" for a bridge).  They wanted to know if things like that happened often and what could be done to avoid it.  Our response has been that whether you [...]

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Office Using New Portable Laser

We are very excited about our new portable laser, the Navigator from Odyssey.  We've been using it for gum contouring and crown lengthening.  It can also be used for apthous ulcers/canker sores.  It takes seconds to use, with virtually no pain or sensitivity, and the healing is great.  The laser has been demonstrated at a [...]

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WKYC Story on Silver Fillings Going Viral

Great news....we've gone viral - and it's a good thing!!! On the USA Today website, there's an article and a video of the segment WKYC-NBC/Channel 3 did on the replacement of silver fillings that was shown on WKYC on last Wednesday, January 5th. Health reporter Monica Robins put together a very even-handed report which was [...]

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Novacain Reversal, Digital Impressions & Skype Make Dental Visits Easier!

Hey everyone, I have very exciting news. The segment that NBC-Channel 3 News anchor Monica Robins filmed at our office on advances in dentistry went national. It was picked up by local networks and shown around the country! In our efforts to make dental visits easier on our patients, we have employed some very advanced [...]

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Porcelain Veneers & Crowns

What type and strength of porcelain do we use in our crowns and veneers? Over the years, we have transitioned to a non-metal practice, even in our partial dentures, with the help of Dental Ceramics Laboratories. We use Empress E-max porcelain, which is up to three times stronger that the other porcelains on the market. [...]

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