On a very serious note,  over the past few months we have seen a number of our patients who are being treated for very forms of cancer, including one patient who we diagnosed with oral cancer, localized in her tongue, and another with a large tumor in an area just behind the lower jaw.

As you know, part of our examination of our patients includes a cancer screening, often done following your dental hygiene appointment.   We take this part of your recare/recall appointment very seriously.

In addition to making referrals to the appropriate oral surgeon and/or physician, we often recommend the use of a highly flouridated toothpaste, such as Previdental 5000 and Prevident 5000 booster.  They are by prescription and should be used nightly to combat dry-mouth, which can lead to tooth decay and tissue sloughing, which are often consequences of radiation treatment and chemotherapy used to fight the cancer.  These toothpastes can also be used for our patients with diabetes and those people taking medications for high blood pressure, who may also suffer from dry-mouth.

If you or people you know need our help, please know that we are available for them!