While visiting my sister Joanne in Sarasota, Florida, recently, I came across a book her husband Marshall was reading entitled, “Washington – A Life,” by Ron Chernow.

Interestingly, a chapter was devoted to his struggle with his dentures and his relationship with his dentist, who played a major role in his life, as they became close friends through President Washington’s struggle to keep his teeth in.    As they did not have impression materials back in the day, the fit of the denture was determined by the dentist’s ability to carve and sand the underside of the denture.  As might be expected, it affected President Washington’s ability to eat and give speeches, and was a major concern and frequent source of embarrassment to him.

Fortunately, today, with the materials we have, including dental implants, we are able to secure both the upper and lower dentures in a manner that makes them feel like one’s own teeth.  Please let us know if you or a family member or friend could use our help, so that they don’t have to feel like President Washington did!