The Pros of Composite & Porcelain Fillings

One of the main reasons many of our patients visit Dr. Marsh’s Cleveland office is to address the problem of a troubling cavity. Every patient wants their pain to stop and the cavity to be halted before it does further damage to a valuable tooth!

But beyond the health-based concerns for their teeth, the appearance of the fillings is of great concern to many patients.

removing gold fillings

Before Ceramic Fillings

Benefits of ceramic fillings

Replaced With Ceramic Fillings

Having a mouthful of visible fillings can make one very self-conscious. It can even cause individuals to fear smiling openly. And of course, having multiple visible fillings also may suggest that a person is unhealthy, or that they have been irresponsible with their dental health. This of course, may not be the case.

These negative associations are never pleasant. Fortunately, ceramic fillings solve this problem gracefully.

Ceramic Fillings Defined

Ceramic fillings – sometimes also known as porcelain/composite fillings – are designed to match the color of the tooth or teeth they are used on. This is unlike fillings made of silver, gold, or amalgamations of silver and other minerals.

Instead of fillings comprised of metallic substances that stand out visually in the mouth, porcelain is the main material used for ceramic fillings. It can be mixed to match the exact color and hue of any tooth in a patient’s mouth.

The result – a tooth that has been cleaned and purged of a cavity and is sealed with tooth enamel-colored ceramic material – is much more visually pleasing and much less noticeable as a damaged tooth.

Ceramic fillings can be used in teeth that are under great chewing pressure such as molars and bicuspids, and now thanks to improved technologies such as “directed shrinkage” of the ceramic polymer material used to fill cavities, these porcelain fillings are reliable and are fast becoming the standard of care for forward-thinking dentists and cosmetic dentists across the USA and globe.

Below are some considerations commonly asked to Dr. Marsh. Read on to learn about the use of ceramic material for fillings compared to other substances.

Pros of Composite & Porcelain Fillings

1) More Natural Appearance

The largest benefit of using porcelain ceramic fillings is the completely natural appearance of the repaired tooth or teeth once the procedure has been completed. Whether used for inlays and onlays, crowns, implants, veneers or orthodontic brackets, repaired teeth look indistinguishable from healthy teeth thanks to the ceramic filling material coloring process.

Many patients are so happy with the appearance of their treated teeth that they eventually have all their old fillings removed and replaced with ceramic fillings.

2) Durability & Longevity

Another strong advantage of ceramic porcelain fillings is that the material is very durable, rugged and capable of lasting longer than composite and amalgam fillings. On average, composite fillings tend to last 5 to 10 years, while amalgam fillings last from 10 to 15 years.

Meanwhile, well-installed ceramic fillings can last up to 20 years or so in a patient’s mouth, which is certainly a blessing in numerous ways!

3) Less Toxic – Goodbye Mercury & Amalgam Fillings

Safety of materials is positive focus when discussing ceramic fillings. Particularly with amalgam fillings and their mixture of silver and other minerals, there’s always the possible allergic reaction to one of the metals being used.

In the past, mercury was an accepted material in-use within amalgam fillings and mercury has proven to be toxic as well as allergenic to some patients; additionally, mixing capsules which may contain mercury residue are extremely harmful to our environment. Ceramic porcelain fillings offer none of these potential dangers.

4) Improved Stain & Abrasion Resistance

Lastly, ceramic fillings are more resistant to stains and abrasions than conventional fillings, and do not run the risk of developing micro cracks and fissures as amalgam fillings do. These cracks and fissures in the fillings can lead to further decay within the sealed tooth where the cavity had existed.

Considerations of Ceramic Fillings

One con may be that ceramic fillings often take two appointments to accomplish. However, this technique ensures that the treated tooth is healthy before the final restoration.

However, their superior durability and strength means the reduced need for touch-up treatments over time. Ultimately, this can translate to fewer dental visits.

Ceramic fillings such as inlays or onlays need to be large enough to prevent them from breaking away with use. Often, a tooth must be reduced in size to make room for the extra bulk of the ceramic filling so that it can bond completely to the remaining tooth surface.
Watch a video interview with a patient who gained tremendous self-confidence after Dr. Marsh improved his smile


All in all, ceramic porcelain fillings for teeth look wonderful and hold-up well for years and years of trusted service. Dr. Marsh and his staff believe that his Cleveland-area patients and their smiles are well worth it!

Interested in Ceramic Fillings from Dr. Steve Marsh?

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