New Year’s Resolution for a New Smile

With the new year upon us ("thank goodness," we think/hope), it might be a good time to revisit your plans on a smile makeover. Many insurance plans, as well as HSA accounts, begin again in January, which may help with your investment in your smile. Additionally, with mask-wearing still with us, there's an opportunity to [...]

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Use It or Loose It – Yes We Take HSA

If you still have money in your HSA account that needs to be used before the end of the year, you might consider using it to improve your smile. HSA money can be used towards annual dental checkups. Routine dental procedures to cover expenses to prevent and alleviate dental disease always qualify as eligible HSA [...]

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The Gift to Give Loved Ones

Recently, a mother and daughter were looking forward to attending a family reunion. The 80-year old mother, however, was bothered by the space between her front teeth. Her daughter called our office, made an appointment, and brought her mom in for a cosmetic dental consultation.  After just two visits that included a little gum reshaping, [...]

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The Gift to Give Yourself

As we approach the holidays, we are all thinking about presents to give our family and friends.  One gift that can be enjoyed by everyone is that of a beautiful smile. With holiday parties, Hannuka dinners, Christmas morning with presents, and New Year's Eve events, you'll want to be smiling through all the festivities.  If [...]

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