The Gift to Give Yourself

As we approach the holidays, we are all thinking about presents to give our family and friends.  One gift that can be enjoyed by everyone is that of a beautiful smile. With holiday parties, Hannuka dinners, Christmas morning with presents, and New Year's Eve events, you'll want to be smiling through all the festivities.  If [...]

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Little Things to Improve Your Visit

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and our experience with us. During our team meetings, we share ideas and consider suggestions from our patients. As a result, we have implemented a variety of things to improve patient comfort, including headphones, 3-D glasses and sunglasses, and even custom-made pillows.  For the all-important patient [...]

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No Goop for Our Patients

Impression techniques for mouth molds have come a long way, since my father used plaster in dental school, which had to harden in the mouth, been "broken" apart, and then glued together.  In my years at The OSU, we used many different kinds of "goop," which took a long time to harden and then had [...]

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Hi Tech Cavity Detection and Repair

Over the last 44 years in dentistry, I have seen a lot of improvements in the field. Cavity detection is one such area. Radiographs (X-rays) have gone digital. We take them with a sensor rather than film (which helps lessen our environmental impact), and you can see the results instantly on a computer screen; with [...]

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Our Best Teeth and Smile

As we move into the summer months and as we get out again, how can we ensure a life with strong and healthy teeth and a beautiful smile?  If we've been diligent about our home care over the years and visited the hygienist and dentist regularly, there's a good chance that we're able to eat [...]

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