What is Tooth Reshaping?

Tooth Reshaping & Contouring One of the more conservative and worthwhile treatments we do in our office is the reshaping of teeth. Whether a tooth does not have the correct shape from development or fracturing, a little contouring with sanding discs can make all the difference in a smile. Without any Novocaine or [...]

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Perfect Color Matching with New Bonding Composite

Perfectly Matched Shade & Color with Omnichroma At ClevelandSmiles, our patients benefit from our use of the latest technologies, which improve accuracy, speed and outcome. The latest addition to our office is Omnichroma, a fantastic new bonding composite that uses one shade to match all teeth and all patients. Source Oral Health Group In addition to [...]

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Missing Teeth – What We Can Do About It

Better Material, Techniques Make a Big Difference Many of our parents and their generation thought that over their lifetime it was “natural” to lose some teeth — even all of them. And when they did, they would either get a partial denture or a full denture, or go toothless. The partial denture replaced the teeth [...]

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The White Stuff

Yes, You Can Have Brighter Teeth Let’s look at the various ways a person can make their teeth lighter and whiter. There are techniques that your dentist can do to start your new year with a new look, as well as things you may do at home to keep them brighter. We’ll take a fresh [...]

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Growing Older Gracefully – A Dental Perspective

Dental Health is Important As we age, it becomes even more important to pay attention to our dental health. After all, all of our nutrition comes from what we take in through our mouth, whether we are drinking or eating – even swallowing vitamins. As AARP Magazine recently noted, without Medicare and limited benefits for [...]

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Read Our Latest Article in Boomer Magazine

Missing Teeth? New Materials, Techniques Make a Difference I recently had an article published in Boomer Magazine, geared for people over 50 years of age. We thought you might enjoy it! Read it here:

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Have a Happy & Healthy New Year!

We Welcome 2019 As we reach 2019, our team at ClevelandSmiles wishes all of our patients, friends, and colleagues a happy and healthy new year! With the new year comes some changes, but most importantly our group of caring practitioners remains the same; Wendy and I have lived and worked together for 41 and 38 [...]

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CareCredit Patient Financing

CareCredit Financing More and more of our patients are using CareCredit to help finance their dental care. They offer a 12-month no-interest plan, as well as extended plans when needed. It can be applied for at home or with the help of Karin and Alysia, both of whom have certification to work with the company [...]

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New Intraoral Cameras & How They Help

Latest Technology at Cleveland Smiles Our hygienists, Amy and Debbie, are both using the newest intraoral cameras from Dexis. They can identify problem areas in teeth, fillings, and tissue; additionally, they can also see areas of improvement - with the ability to save their close-up photos in our patient "files" so that conditions can be [...]

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Amazing Work by The Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity

Midterm Reflections At the halfway point of my year as International President of the Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity, I can tell you that we've made a lot of progress. Most importantly, our student members and chapters have done some amazing work. Our chapter at Nova in Florida raised over $12,000 for a teenager with jaw [...]

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