A Story of Empowered Entrepreneurship

Having been a guest on WKYC TV-3's "Golden Opportunities, NBC's "Live on Lakeside," as well as ABC/Newschannel 5's long-running show "The Morning Exchange," I recently had the tables turned when I was asked to be a guest-host on the television and radio show of our patient and friend Dr. Ratanjit Sondhe. Dr. Sondhe, who is seen and [...]

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A Beautiful Smile is Within Your Reach!

Learn how you can have the smile you've always wanted!

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WKYC Live on Lakeside Time Change

WKYC Channel 3's "Live on Lakeside" has moved to 12:00 noon Monday through Friday.  We've been asked to showcase dental innovations on a bi-weekly basis, and are very excited about it! Hosts of the show are Michael Cardemone and weather expert Holly Strano, both of whom have visited our office.  We wish them well in [...]

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For the Holidays: Ensure Your Smile’s in Tip Top Shape

Make sure your smile is ready to shine this holiday season!

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Discover a New Self-Worth with an Improved Smile

Meet a woman who discovered a new self-worth when she approved her smile:

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A Beautiful Smile is Within Your Reach – Video Transcript

Video Transcription: Armond Budish: Here's a great listing you just have to see -- bright and shiny, clean as a whistle. It's just beautiful. But I'm not talking about a house or a condo. It's Janice Carson's smile. Janice is realtor with Howard Hanna and is a patient of Dr. Steve Marsh, and she's here [...]

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Make Sure Your Smile is in Tip-Top Shape – Video Transcript

Video Transcription: Armond: Let's be honest. Going to the dentist isn't something people often put at the top of their fun things to do list, yet dentist Steve Marsh has won several awards in patient care and satisfaction. What's he doing that actually has people looking forward to getting their teeth treated? Let's ask him. [...]

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Discovering a New Self-Worth – Video Transcription

Video Transcription: Armond: Mom's take care of their children from birth to adulthood, and sometimes beyond. Yet many moms don't seem to think they deserve some TLC too. It took both Janice Almond's husband and her daughter to convince her that taking time for her teeth was worth it. Now, thanks to dentist Steve Marsh, [...]

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“Golden Opportunities” Host Armond Budish Running for Cuyahoga County Executive

"Golden Opportunities" host and patient Armond Budish recently announced his candidacy for Cuyahoga County executive; it was featured on both television and in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Armond, a prominent Cleveland attorney who focuses on estate planning and elder-care, is currently the minority head of the Ohio House of Representatives. We wish him all the best [...]

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Want to be on Television?

We'd like to continue to feature some of our patients on WKYC's "Golden Opportunities." If you'd like to share your dental experience with Northeast Ohio viewers, please let us know at 1-440-461-1003, and we'll see what we can do to get you on the air!

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