Video Transcription:

Armond: Mom’s take care of their children from birth to adulthood, and
sometimes beyond. Yet many moms don’t seem to think they deserve some TLC
too. It took both Janice Almond’s husband and her daughter to convince her
that taking time for her teeth was worth it. Now, thanks to dentist Steve
Marsh, they all enjoy her new smile. Janice and her husband Tom are here to
share just how much care went into her smile. Thank you both for joining

Tom: Thanks Armond.

Armond: And Steve thank you too.

Dr. Steve Marsh: Thank you.

Armond: So let’s start with you Janice, what brought you to see Dr. Marsh?

Janice Almond: I was forced. Our daughter went to him first, and she just
thought he was super, and she insisted that I should come.

Armond: Okay, and Tom, you and your daughter had your work cut out for you.

Tom Almond: Yes we did, because she said no one at her age should waste the
money to take care of her teeth, and she said it was just a waste of time.
It took a lot of talking before she did come up, and we were very happy
with the great job Dr. Marsh did.

Armond: Was there anything wrong with her teeth?

Tom: Well, we were very dissatisfied with the work she’d had done by our
old dentist.

Armond: Okay. Steve, what did you do?

Dr. Marsh: Well, you know, we just had a picture of Janice not smiling and
when I said to Janice ‘would you smile for me’ when we originally met, she
actually wouldn’t open her mouth to smile.

Armond: Really?

Dr. Marsh: She had had a lot of work over the years, right?

Janice: Oh, I’ve had several dentists. When we were younger, young married,
and went to the first one, I ended up I lost my…

Armond: Oh no.

Janice: …two front teeth. He pulled those, which was unnecessary, and it
just got increasingly worse every time I went some place else.

Dr. Marsh: So what happened, I wanted to hear the history, and so then we
found out what we could save and what we couldn’t save, and made sure they
were on board with it. Having a supportive spouse is really important. So,
we re-evaluated what she had, what she wanted to have, and again it took
convincing from all of us. We have some pictures I think we have that show
what we’ve done with Janice.

Armond: Great.

Dr. Marsh: She had had some bridge work; she mentioned that she had lost
those front teeth. You can see in the before picture, that’s pretty
artificial looking, Armond. That’s how things were done in the old days,
you had porcelain on metal. When we took off the, and we knew there was
some decay underneath which sometimes happens. Again, a crown or bridge is
like a window, it has to fit perfectly against the tooth. There was some
leakage; you can see where she lost the teeth.

You can see some of the darkness, and that’s actually what decay looks like
to a dentist when you’ve taken off, in some cases, old fillings and old
crowns. That was the prep phase, and so then we talked about how we can
restore it. You can see now Armond, that was a long-span bridge with all
porcelain on the outside. It gave her a beautiful, natural look, and most
importantly took away the decay and gave her a smile that now she’s proud
of, and her husband’s proud of, and her daughter, who is again very
encouraging. Again, Janice was somebody who took care of everybody and her
husband and daughter said it’s Janice’s turn, so that’s what brought her

Tom: That’s right.

Janice: Oh, I’m a spoiled brat.

Armond: Are you happy with what was done?

Janice: Very much so and…

Tom: He did a fantastic job.

Janice: He was a joy to take care of me, because he was always joking and
making light of everything.

Dr. Marsh: We try to make it easy. She even brought in pies for us, which
is her specialty.

Janice: Yeah, he was a good.

Armond: Oh, wow.

Dr. Marsh: Our staff loved having you.

Janice: I was going to bring one today, but I didn’t. You’re going to have
to come down and see me.

Dr. Marsh: You’re excused, you’re excused.

Armond: Well, thank you all for coming in. This is wonderful, and it’s
great that you have such a beautiful smile.

Janice: Right: Right, appreciate it.

Dr. Marsh: Thank you.

Armond: So when is it your turn to take care of your teeth? As Janice and
Tom will tell you, there’s no time like the present, so give yourself the
gift of a new smile. Call Steve at the numbers coming up. My thanks to
Janice and Tom for joining us today.

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