Having been a guest on WKYC TV-3’s “Golden Opportunities, NBC’s “Live on Lakeside,” as well as ABC/Newschannel 5’s long-running show “The Morning Exchange,” I recently had the tables turned when I was asked to be a guest-host on the television and radio show of our patient and friend Dr. Ratanjit Sondhe. Dr. Sondhe, who is seen and heard in over 60 countries, spoke with me about his concept of “TEA,” which is the title of a recent book he published. The book, which focuses on living your life truthfully while practicing acceptance, served as a starting point for our conversation. Though we managed to work a little dentistry into the conversation, his message was spiritual in nature and very interesting.

Dr. Sondhe was last year’s recipient of the Project Love award, one of many awards he has received over the years. His newest book is entitled “My Journey Into Oneness: A Story of Empowered Entrepreneurship” and is a reflection of how his company, Poly-Carb, grew by “adding value” to each and every encounter they had with both suppliers and customers. (We try to do the same here at “ClevelandSmiles!).

Our congratulations and gratitude to this fine gentleman.