We’ve recently had a number of patients who wanted their teeth to look great for an upcoming event but didn’t have a lot of time to get the treatment done, which involved porcelain veneers and/or crowns. Fortunately, we work with a number of wonderful dental labs to achieve the results that we want. In Cleveland, we will generally use both Dental Ceramics of Richfield or Roe Dental Laboratory; both do superb work and will expedite their labwork if we need them to, even within a week’s time. We had a patient drive up from North Carolina last month who stayed from Tuesday to Tuesday to get fourteen veneers done. Nationally, we use both DaVinci Dental Lab of Los Angeles and Glidewell Laboratories, who also do superior work and will accommodate us if we have special time concerns.

Please let us know if you have certain needs, whether it’s for a wedding or class reunion, from Los Angeles to North Carolina to Cleveland!