Most of us have spent more time at home than we have in a long time – especially with the combination of the summer months and the virus. Whether we are students, teachers, or working from home, we can take advantage of this time to get our teeth fixed, whitened, straightened, or made to look better through cosmetic dentistry.

Gratefully, many patients – both new ones and old ones, have done just that. Some of them came to us through television segments we have done on Fox8’s “New Day Cleveland” and more recently on WKYC3’s “it’s About You” and during the Sunday morning 8:25 a.m. break during the Today Show. Others have found us on Google and Yelp, and thankfully we are still getting referrals from our current patients. Our team here at ClevelandSmiles has also seen a number of young adults who have moved back to Cleveland, some temporarily with their families and others for the long haul. Interestingly, we have rekindled relationships with patients who we haven’t seen in a long time, who have found themselves in need of dental care and finally have the time; in fact, we recently heard from our friend Mary K., whose porcelain veneers we did over twenty years ago. She said she hasn’t been doing much shopping, traveling, or gift-buying, so she decided to invest in herself for a change – literally and figuratively.

Whether you need some simple fillings or repairs or find yourself needing a smile update like Mary or a new makeover, please take advantage of the summer and give us a call at 440-461-1003, or let us know how we can help via our website at It’s a perfect time to improve your smile!