Concerning Laser Gum Contouring Procedures and Recovery Times

There are several reasons why patients decide to undergo the gum contouring procedure that is offered at Dr. Marsh’s office, also known as a gum lift or cosmetic gum procedure.

gum lift surgery

Some individuals have decided that their gums rest too low in their mouth, meaning that more of the teeth are exposed to view – giving the visual impression of long teeth. Receding gums due to age factors are different from low gums due to genetics or periodontal disease.

Others have decided that their gums are too high for their mouth and teeth – presenting the appearance that their teeth are too small. This is also a condition that can arise due to genetics, as well as from health problems and even certain prescription drugs. (Some refer to this as having a gummy smile.)

This can be an embarrassing condition for patients, who find themselves uncomfortable smiling and laughing in public due to their appearance. Still others find that their gum line is not symmetrical – uneven gum tissue causes some teeth to look smaller or larger than others due to uneven gingival margins.

Cleveland Smiles’ patient: makeover using gum contouring and veneers


From a cosmetic perspective, all three scenarios present teeth and smiles that are not aesthetically pleasing. Even if the gum line discrepancy is barely discernible to others, the individual patient is aware of their smile’s deficits and this can lead to depression, low self-esteem, and even complications in relationships.

The good news is, gingival recontouring – otherwise known as cosmetic gum reshaping – is a remarkably simple cosmetic dental procedure that can be performed right in Dr. Marsh’s office.Accomplished in the past using scalpels, cosmetic gum surgery with Dr. Marsh features the use of a diode laser or a radio surgery unit.

The tissue heals very quickly and also with very little discomfort. Gum contouring, done with the latest techniques, including both the diode laser or radio waves, can improve one’s appearance, smile, and tooth proportions, resulting in a very significant and satisfying result for the dental patient!

Gum Contouring Recovery Time and Helpful Hints

When preparing for your gum lift or gum reshaping with Dr. Marsh, it’s a good idea to limit your activities and to rest the day of your procedure. Being in a relaxed state and refreshed will help your body to heal more easily, and also puts your mind in a good state before the procedure.

After the procedure is completed, it is important that the patient take care of the area that was treated to improve the speed and efficacy of healing.

The most practical, and most easily done, is the use of a saline rinse; a teaspoon of salt is added to eight ounces of warm water and a cap full of hydrogen peroxide.  It is best used after a meal or snack to help clean off the debris/residue, though there is no limit to the amount of times it can be used. If there is any tenderness, Advil/Motrin may also be used, assuming that the patient is able to take either of these medications.

There may be occasional “scabbing,” with the tissue coming off as the area heals.  This is very natural and will not change the appearance of the treated area.

Some good general tips for your recovery period – which can vary from a a week to 10 days depending on your body’s healing speed – include:

  • Follow Dr. Marsh’s specific directions on how to brush your teeth, and when to brush them, during your recovery period.
  • Avoid spicy foods and food items containing seeds until your gums completely heal. Kiwi, popcorn, poppy seeds and other small seeds can get under your gums while they are healing and this can complicate the healing process.
  • Soft, cool foods are advised for consumption for several days. Food such as yogurt, eggs, pasta, soft vegetables and ice cream will be gentle on your gums as they recuperate.

Interested in Laser Gum Contouring or Reshaping with Dr. Steve Marsh?

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