We Welcome 2019

As we reach 2019, our team at ClevelandSmiles wishes all of our patients, friends, and colleagues a happy and healthy new year!

With the new year comes some changes, but most importantly our group of caring practitioners remains the same; Wendy and I have lived and worked together for 41 and 38 years, respectively. Amy and Karin have been with us for over a dozen years, while Deb and Traci have delivered EFDA care with me for half that time. Debbie and Alysia are the “newcomers,” with nearly five years of contributions.

Most importantly, our commitment to our patients remains the same. We subscribe to the notion to “treat others the way we would like to be treated.”  In fact, a recent “Angie’s List” review of our office noted that “if you want Ritz Carlton service, this is the place to have your dental care done.” We appreciate those words and will do our best to continue to deliver that kind of care in the coming year!

Thanks again for being a part of ClevelandSmiles!