Recently, a patient who has a gorgeous smile mentioned that her teeth are staining quite a bit.  When asked about her oral habits -eating and drinking – she said that she became a “juicer” when she bought a Vitamix and now eats/drinks primarily vegetables. Though she has porcelain veneers and crowns, they, too, can stain extrinsically (stains on the outside, not on the inside).

This was easily remedied by having her teeth polished by one of our hygienists using a special porcelain polishing paste every two to three months; similarly, coffee and tea can produce similar extrinsic stains that can be eliminated. Most at-home toothpastes, including Arm and Hammer, Crest and Colgate can help, but are insufficient for many discolorations.

In-office bleaching with Zoom teeth whitening and maintenance with Nite White gel does help. If we can help or answer your questions, please give us a call! (440) 461-1003