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Smile Your Way to a Healthier You!

Smiling is one of the most powerful expressions people can make. Not only does it put us in a happier mood, but it has been suggested that there are many health benefits associated with it. 5 Ways Smiling Can Give Your Health a Boost The act of smiling releases endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine into our [...]

Teeth Can Play a Role in Your Overall Health

Mouth Matters - It’s Not All About Your Teeth How does the condition of your mouth affect your health? There’s a lot more to your mouth than providing the ability to take in nutrition, whether it’s for chewing up your food for digestion, taking vitamins or drinking water and juices to stay hydrated. Our teeth [...]

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Cleaner Teeth in Time for School

Schedule Your Examination & Cleaning With the school year approaching, we'd like to offer our services to our teachers, administrators, and, of course, students here at ClevelandSmiles. If you have any free time available, we'd be glad to help you get your teeth examined and cleaned, "Zoomed" whiter, and even make mouthguards for the coming [...]

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Summer is Arriving: Schedule a Dental Checkup

Get Your Teeth Cleaned & Checked As we move from spring into summer and from the Cleveland Cavaliers season to that of the Cleveland Indians, we want to remind our students and teachers that they may want to reserve some time for a "check-up" and cleaning in our office here at Cleveland Smiles. As most [...]

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Our Recommended Toothpaste

We're often asked about what toothpaste we recommend, here at Cleveland Smiles. Our hygienists, Amy and Debbie, are proponents of using baking soda toothpaste and give out Armand Hammer's baking soda and peroxide samples. Baking soda, a salt, is very effective at killing bacteria. In fact, most of the research on the use of this [...]

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Yes. Flossing Is Still Important! (Re: New York Times Article)

Flossing Eliminates Food, Debris & Bacteria Though the research studies have been criticized, we know that flossing helps to eliminate the food and debris that bacteria in our mouth feeds off of to produce acids; those acids are what causes tooth decay and contributes to periodontal disease. Just like washing off salt from our car [...]

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Improve Your Smile for the Summer

Summer is nearly upon us here in Cleveland, and what a wonderful time it is to take care of your smile! Both cosmetic bonding and porcelain veneers can enhance your look, whether you’re graduating, going to school in the summer or fall, or even going to a Cleveland high school or Ohio college reunion. If [...]

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Spring Is Perfect for Cleaning

Spring is finally on the way. It's the start of baseball season, and "hope springs eternal" for our own Cleveland Indians. This time of year also reminds us of "spring cleaning." Though the saying refers to freshening up your home, our hygienists Amy and Debbie want to remind you that it can also refer to [...]

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How to Keep Your Teeth Clean this Halloween

With Halloween season here, it's a good time to remind our patients, both "Trick or Treaters" and their parents and grandparents, that after we enjoy our candy (I'm a Kit Kat and M&M fan, myself!), we need to brush our teeth. As the sugars from the candy feed the bacteria in our mouths for 30 [...]

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Stains Can Be Pains

Recently, a patient who has a gorgeous smile mentioned that her teeth are staining quite a bit.  When asked about her oral habits -eating and drinking - she said that she became a "juicer" when she bought a Vitamix and now eats/drinks primarily vegetables. Though she has porcelain veneers and crowns, they, too, can stain [...]

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