ClevelandSmiles Featured on “Live on Lakeside”

Our office has recently been featured on WKYC/Channel 3's new morning show, "Live on Lakeside," hosted by Michael Cardemone, Holly Strano, and Joe Cronauer.  They have visited with us in our imaging and treatment rooms, focusing on the new techniques and materials in dentistry, including the Cadent Itero digital imaging system for impressions, the Dexis [...]

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Find Our Archived Television Appearances

A patient recently asked me how they could see a television segment they had missed that we had done on Golden Opportunities on WKYC on the very thin porcelain veneers (.3 - .5 mm thick), similar to Lumineers. I directed them to the YouTube channel where most of the segments are archived. The other option [...]

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Watch Our Television Appearances Online

I was recently asked by a new patient if there was a way to view some of our recent segments on WKYC/channel 3's "Golden Opportunities."  She said that she had "discovered" us by watching the show last week and appreciated that we were giving out education in dentistry that could not be found anywhere else [...]

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Holiday Smiles on WKYC’s ‘Good Company’

Last week, we were featured on a segment of WKYC's morning program 'Good Company.' Dr. Marsh sat down with Joe Cronauer to discuss our passion for those in the teaching profession, and our passion for helping our patients achieve the perfect smile. You can watch our segment in the video window below. Be sure to [...]

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Cleveland Smiles on WKYC’s Golden Opportunities 8/21

A quick reminder to be sure to tune into WKYC Channel 3's 'Golden Opportunities' this Sunday morning at 11:30 am. We will be discussing little changes to your dental care that can make a BIG difference. We hope you enjoy it! Be sure to let us know what you think: leave a comment here, on [...]

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New Flatscreen TVs in the Treatment & Reception Rooms

We've received some nice feedback on our newsletter (where we highlighted our blogs). We would welcome any thoughts on topics we might cover here or in future newsletters on our office and your Cleveland dental care. An item we mentioned in "Smile Update" was our new flatscreen monitors in the treatment and reception rooms. They [...]

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Learn More About Our New Navigator Laser

We love our new Navigator laser.  Wendy and I just spent time at the Ivolclar company in Buffalo getting advanced training on it and are even more thrilled with the opportunities with it; from gum contouring to help with painless canker sore removal.  For more on how the Navigator laser, watch our appearance on WKYC's [...]

Join Our Wall of Fame

We've recently had a number of patients featured in both articles and photos in "The Cleveland Plain Dealer," "Cleveland Magazine," and the "Currents" edition of "The Sun Press,"  "The Sun Messenger," and the internet.  When we see them, we try and print/cut them out and put them on our bulletin board.  If you or your [...]

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WKYC Story on Silver Fillings Going Viral

Great news....we've gone viral - and it's a good thing!!! On the USA Today website, there's an article and a video of the segment WKYC-NBC/Channel 3 did on the replacement of silver fillings that was shown on WKYC on last Wednesday, January 5th. Health reporter Monica Robins put together a very even-handed report which was [...]

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Get your routine dental checkup before they go back to school

As we begin August, it's always a good reminder to have your children or grandchildren visit our Cleveland dental office for their routine dental check up while they still have some free time before cheerleading, football and other activities begin. Routine dental check ups are not only more convenient for your schedule during the summer, [...]

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