On the evening of January 3rd, a postcard we sent out to new patients ended up on the “Jay Leno Show” in his segment “Headlines.”  (We were alerted the following day by our patient, author Rosa Raskin).

This marketing piece, believe it or not, was making its second appearance on his show, as it was used by Mr. Leno nearly 10 years ago. On it, we showed a before-and-after photo of one of our patients who had 10 porcelain veneers, as well as a new hair style and coloring done a few weeks before she embarked on a book tour for “Beads in Fashion.”  (Connie Korosec is the head of fashion design at Ursuline College).  We investigated the reason it was used, and the NBC producer told us that it was obviously a different person in the before-and-after photos.  We assured her that it was, in fact, the same person!

In the meantime, they chose to use it again when their “Headlines” segment focused on physicians and dentists, introducing the photo saying “right here in Cleveland…..”

If you’d like to see it for yourself, it can be found by searching the NBC website.