I was recently asked by a new patient if there was a way to view some of our recent segments on WKYC/channel 3’s “Golden Opportunities.”  She said that she had “discovered” us by watching the show last week and appreciated that we were giving out education in dentistry that could not be found anywhere else on television.  She wanted to learn more than she had gotten on that one segment.

In fact, there were a number of ways to see our appearances on previous shows, both from “Golden Opportunities” and the weekday show “Good Company.”  They can be found here on our website, on the Cleveland Smiles Facebook Page,  www.GoldenOpportunities.tv, www.WKYC.com/GoodCompany, the Cleveland Smiles Channel on YouTube, and in our office by slipping in a DVD into our new flatscreen TVs (all you have to do is ask)!