published an article on Thursday, January 2nd, on New Year’s Resolutions by our patient Maria Shine Stewart. She was “kind enough”  to ask me for my resolution for 2014. My answer centered around kindness, both to each other and to the environment. I explained that in dental care, we need to focus on making procedures easier for our patients and do them in a kind way. Additionally, we need to factor in the environment when treatment is performed, which is one of the reasons that we made the switch to digital xrays/radiographs. They do the job with 90% less radiation for the patient, and there is no waste (i.e. no developer or fixer that gets used up and poured out and no plastic, paper, film, or lead foil to dispose of!).

So as we celebrate our New Year, one of our goals is kindness and fairness to our patients and our environment.

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