A number of our patients have requested orthodontic treatment here at our office, and we have been doing minor-teeth movements for years, generally with the use of retainers. The “aligner” technique has been around for a few years, and we have used them for maintaining tooth position while looking to feature them in more involved orthodontic procedures.

We have chosen to “align” our practice with the Straumann company’s ClearCorrect aligners, having investigated a number of other opportunities, including “Invisalign.” It was a natural association, as ClearCorrect works closely with the Trios intraoral scanner, which we have used for many years, being one of the first offices to offer “goop-free” impressions. (The scanner does a digital scan of the mouth, using a 3-D printer to fabricate our working models, often making porcelain crowns, bridges, and veneers digitally). Additionally, we are consulting with the orthobrain experts to ensure the best results.

So if you’ve been considering orthodontic treatment, for both minor movements and major corrections, please ask our team if ClearCorrect might work for you. We would be glad to evaluate your situation and help you get a beautiful result – often in six months or less! Call us here at ClevelandSmiles at 440-461-1003.