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Learn More About the Odyssey Navigator Diode Laser

We've had a number of patients ask about our new Odyssey Navigator Diode Laser and how we are using it. It is being used for procedures like gum contouring (you can see before and after photos here), crown lengthening (to give us more tooth structure for retention of materials), and even removal of mouth sores [...]

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Learn More About Our New Navigator Laser

We love our new Navigator laser.  Wendy and I just spent time at the Ivolclar company in Buffalo getting advanced training on it and are even more thrilled with the opportunities with it; from gum contouring to help with painless canker sore removal.  For more on how the Navigator laser, watch our appearance on WKYC's [...]

New Dental Technologies from Cleveland dentist, Dr. Marsh

Last week we were visited by WKYC "Good Company" Channel 3 reporter Joe Cronauer, who asked us to feature some of the newest techniques in dentistry (watch the segment in the video window below).  I showed Joe our latest purchase, the Odyssey Navigator Intraoral Laser, which can be used for gum contouring, removal of some [...]

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