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Happy Father’s Day to Our Dads!

Next Sunday, our NBC/WKYC "Golden Opportunities" segment features smile makeovers for the men in our practice. These makeovers, similar to the ones shown on the ABC show "Extreme Makeovers" by cosmetic dentist Bill Dorfman, include both simple and complex procedures, including Zoom teeth whitening, bonding, porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns. Most of the porcelain labwork [...]

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An Honest Cleveland Dentist [Testimonial]

My experience was extremely comforting and positive. Dr. Marsh was wonderful and I appreciated his honesty and thorough explanation of my options. I would recommend this office to anyone who needed someone they can trust with their dental care. The staff in the office stayed over to accommodate my situation which was greatly appreciated. Thanks [...]

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Tell Us What You Want to See on Golden Opportunities!

Our last two segments on "Golden Opportunities" (on March 10th and March 24th) on WKYC/Channel 3 focused on the things/qualities that people should look for in a dentist and dental office.  Included among the techniques were digital X-rays/Dexis, the use of the Odyssey Navigator diode laser, digital impressions, and the diagnodent for cavity detection.  New materials [...]

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EMax Porcelain Veneers

After doing a WKYC Channel 3/Golden Opportunities segment on veneers, I had a lot of questions about the strength of the new porcelain veneers we are using.  Our primary material, in both veneers and crowns, is called EMax, developed by the Ivoclar company (their USA headquarters are in Buffalo, New York, which I visited last [...]

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Mother’s Day Makeovers on WKYC’s “Golden Opportunities”

Please tune in to WKYC-NBC/channel 3's "Golden Opportunities" on Sunday morning, May 8th at 11:30 am to watch "Mother's Day Dental Makeovers" featuring a number of our patients. Host Armond Budish (who also happens to be Minority Speaker of the House in Ohio) reviews some of the dental techniques that we use in our office [...]

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Get your routine dental checkup before they go back to school

As we begin August, it's always a good reminder to have your children or grandchildren visit our Cleveland dental office for their routine dental check up while they still have some free time before cheerleading, football and other activities begin. Routine dental check ups are not only more convenient for your schedule during the summer, [...]

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