Speaking of the Cleveland Browns, I had a chance to meet the new Browns owner, Jimmy Haslam III, and his wife Dee, on a couple of occasions.  They seem to be wonderful people who will work hard to make both the team and our city better – and they both have great smiles! And preserving the smiles of both our patients and athletes can be done in a similar manner.

In fact, while watching the Browns-Baltimore Ravens game a few Sundays ago (at BW3…not healthy but delicious), a friend asked me about the mouthpieces the players wear and stick into their helmets between plays; I explained that they are very flexible and come in varying thicknesses and colors.  If you have an athlete in your home –  whether a weightlifter, a hockey, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, basketball, or football player – we can make a custom-fitted mouthpiece in their school colors.  Please call our office at (440) 461-1003 to learn more and/or to set up an appointment.