Discovering Dental Care Trends in Cleveland

Earlier this month, our entire team took the day to attend the Cleveland Dental Society’s Annual Meeting and Education Day.  This wonderful event in Independence was sponsored by the North Coast Cleveland Dental Society, whose organizers include our own EFDA Deb Anderson.

Our team spent the day in a seminar given by the former trainer of The Ritz Carlton Hotels, in a course focused on delivering dental care in a Ritz Carlton-type environment.  In addition to team-building, she emphasized taking care of the individual/patient the way that they would like to be treated, customizing the care they receive.

We came away with some new ideas, as well as being proud of the way we serve our patients and their families, including having a welcoming reception area with refreshments, large screen TVs, and even a tour of the facilities for our new and/or returning patients. The trainer was especially impressed that we call our patients in the evening of their appointments to inquire about how they are feeling and if they have any concerns.

If you have any ideas on how we can improve or change things that would be advantageous to those we are serving here in Northeast Ohio, please let us know!

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