I was recently asked, “What are the advantages of the digital radiographs (i.e. x-rays) that we take in our office and instantly project on our computer screens?”
The Advantages of Digital Radiographs are:

1. We are able to read the results easier, instantly and there is no film to develop resulting in less waste for the environment.

2. The results of the Digital Radiographs can easily be emailed to a referring dentist.

3. There is 90% less radiation (A complete set of x-rays is like being in the sun for about two minutes)

4. The images can be networked throughout the office quickly.

5. We can compare the images from year to year to see how or whether things have changed, from areas of decay to the levels of bone.

All in all, digital radiographs are a great step forward and we, at Steven P. Marsh, D.D.S., Inc., are extremely pleased to have this technology.  Please remember that x-rays are the only way we can see decay between teeth and have a sense of the condition of the bone.