Interestingly, a number of patients and friends have asked me recently about whether I’ve thought about “slowing down” or even “thought about retirement.”  It got me wondering: is it because I now have some gray along the sides of my scalp? Is it because there is less of the aforementioned hair? Or might it be because I’ve become a grandfather? (By the way, Owen is doing well, as are parents Stephanie and Jeff).

In any case, as I hope is evident, I very much enjoy general and cosmetic dentistry, love living here in Cleveland, and want to remain here and continue to take care of our patients!

In regards to retirement, there is a book that I recommend highly that has had a great influence on me – “Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive; The New Retirement Solution,” by David Bogan and Keith Davis; it’s available for $16.95 at It is simply and brilliantly written, and I recommend it to everyone, regardless of your age, financial situation, or physical condition.