More than one-third of all adults are unhappy with their smile. And many aren’t sure what they can do to improve it. A recent article on Angie’s List features a variety of options to make your smile the shining representation of your personality you deserve it to be.

Our office was featured in the article, discussing the effects a smile can have on a person’s life. Here is the excerpt:

The increased social focus on having attractive teeth drives more people to get treatment, says highly rated Dr. Steven Marsh of Marsh General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Cleveland. “It can affect things like popularity, and later in life, career.” He also says people are more educated about their teeth today. “People know gum tissue problems and disease happen because crowded teeth are harder to clean. Good dental health can have a direct effect on physical health.”

Not sure what your options are to improve your smile? Here’s a quick list of some procedures we can do here at Dr. Marsh’s office:

If you’re not confident in your smile, check out any of those pages on our site to see what Dr. Marsh can do for you. Would rather talk to us on the phone? Give us a call: 440-461-1003.

To read the full article on Angie’s List, click here.

And remember: keep on smiling, Cleveland!