Thank You For Leaving Reviews

Our team at ClevelandSmiles has been thrilled with the reviews our patients have left at sites like SolutionReach, Google Reviews, and Yelp. We make an attempt to respond to these comments, often personally. It gives us an opportunity to see how our treatment and care affects our patients lives, while giving us insights on how we can best make your appointments as easy and productive as possible.

Among the comments we have heard are things like, “I appreciate Dr. Marsh calling me personally in the evening after I had my dental work done!”, and “We love the team at “ClevelandSmiles;”as everyone is so friendly, and “it’s very comforting that you have had the same team for such a long time, and that everyone knows me by name!”

Additionally, our Facebook page helps to promote some of the procedures that we perform; it can be found under Steven P. Marsh, DDS or by following this link.

We very much appreciate the time you have taken to acknowledge our care and our staff; please continue to let us know how we can make your experiences better!

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