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Mouthguards for Sports

Protect Your Teeth With A Custom Mouthguard The Cavs and Warriors are about to start their NBA seasons again. The players all wear mouth guards, even Steph Curry - when he’s not throwing it into the stands! We can fit you with a custom mouthguard fabricated in any color. Protect your teeth during workouts, weightlifting, [...]

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New School Year – Mouthguards for Sports

Don’t forget to insist that your kids or grandkids get fitted for athletic mouthguards for school sports.  We can make them in their school colors or any others of their choosing.  Just call Karin or Alysia to set up an appointment.  “See you in September!” Contact us now »  

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Protect Your Teeth: Custom-Made & Fitted Mouthguards

If you'd like to have a custom-made and fitting mouthguard for yourself or your kids or grandkids, please call us so that we might help. They can be fabricated in their school colors and can help protect them in sports  or even for working out, when many people clench their teeth.  Their most valuable when [...]

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Order Your Custom Mouthguard Today!

What do the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers have in common? (It's certainly not their won-loss records!). Their similarity, at least from a dental perspective, is that the players on both teams wear mouth guards when they play.  Our office makes custom-fitting guards to protect our patients' teeth whether the sport is football, basketball, hockey, [...]

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Custom Mouthguards – Available Now

You may have noticed that both the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers (including Cleveland/Akron natives Brian Hoyer and LeBron James) wear custom mouthpieces when they are playing both NFL football and NBA basketball. If you have a daughter, son, granddaughter or grandson playing any sport and would like their teeth protected, please call Karin at [...]

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Why All Professional Athletes Wear Mouthguards (and you should, too!)

You'll notice that whether it's the NFL, NCAA football, or the NBA, almost all players are wearing mouthguards - and thank goodness! Most athletes - and their team physicians and dentists - recognize the importance of protecting their teeth and smile. Many trainers also believe that they may improve the athlete's performance, especially in activities [...]

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Protect Your Mouth Like the Pros

As the fall and football/lacrosse seasons are upon us, it's time to revisit ways to protect your smile with athletic mouthguards, like the kind worn by Brandon Weeden to RGIII to - dare I mention - LeBron James. The boil-and-bite mouthguards work OK, but here at ClevelandSmiles, we're able to make custom mouthguards that fit [...]

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